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  • the cures for all diseases,
  • the ability to create world peace,
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Are you using all of your mental abilities?

Here at Bradley Infotainment, we specialize in products designed to help you unlock your fullest potential, and to become the person you have always wanted to be: *Smart, happy, healthy, and the life of the party! Don’t be afraid! Just have a little faith in yourself,and begin your great adventure! Bradley Infotainment is here to help!

The Response Was Swift And Enraged

1. That memo was a fake because Newsweek and
Dan Rather had false information.
2. Everybody knows the world is better off without
Saddam, so it doesn’t matter why we went to war.
3. Bush cannot be held accountable for bad
information given to him by his advisors.
4. The bloody British are liars!!!

Within a dozen posts they had labeled the original poster an ignorant liberal commie and suggested he leave the country.

Despite the fact that the extreme right has control over all three branches of the government, the majority of the courts, and darn near all mass media, they still rally against the liberal “threat”, plotting to further entrench their power and silence all dissent by any means necessary.

Yet in their minds- it’s the liberals who are the lying, cheating, enemies of all things American and “Godly”.

And, ironically, most of these people consider themselves to be conservatives although Bush is
no conservative:

Conservatives are for free market. Bush is pushing a “fixed” market for his corporate

Conservatives are for States rights. Bush is pushing federal laws onto states.

Conservatives are for National defense. Bush is sending our troops on foreign adventures that are instigating more violence against the USA.

Conservatives are for smaller government. Bush has expanded government power like never before.

Conservatives are for financial responsibility. Bush is spending our nation into decades of debt.

Conservatives are for moral values. Bush has lied, cheated, stolen, and killed thousands of innocent people.

Conservatives are for personal accountability. Bush refuses to even admit he could be wrong.

The people who support Bush cannot honestly call themselves conservatives. They are loyalists who will blindly follow this madman off a cliff.

Let’s try to talk some sense into them, the ones who will listen anyway. Let’s point the rest to a very high cliff.

Peace and respect to all……Stew

A View From The Right?

Oh, the things we can learn from the internet! For a while now I’ve been logging into political chat rooms, not only to find some stimulating conversation, but to try to figure out how any sane person could still support the Bush administration. What I found was insane!

I recently decided to look into a “right wing” chat group and I was shocked at the open contempt for honesty and justice. It’s like they have created a false reality bubble where might always makes right, cheating is okay as long as you win, and the only way to peace is shutting up (or even killing) everyone who disagrees.

And it’s not like they are dumb. They are excellent at finding the slightest weakness in any argument and using that to discredit the entire line of thought. After watching them in action I have found what I call four Ds of Neo-Con debating techniques:

1. Dodge the facts- simply ignore any evidence that you don’t like or dismiss the evidence as
false, hateful liberal lies.

2. Divert the issue- usually by bringing up something bad the Democrats did ( most often the Clintons )it justifies any offence Bush or the Republicans have done.

3. Deny responsibility- No matter what happens Bush cannot be blamed. Maybe someone did
something illegal, but Bush is always ignorant and innocent of the crime.

4. Discredit the critic- any source reporting anything unflattering about Bush is automatically
labeled a lying anti-American hate monger.

They even attack each other if they start asking too many questions or in some way doubt Bush’s God given right to rule the world. It’s very discouraging.

For example – someone made the mistake of mentioning the Downing Street memo that proves the Bush knew Saddam was not a threat, but knowingly used false info about WMDs and terrorism to start the war.

The Proof Continues To Shock The Nation!

It’s only been three short months since the official release of the documentary thriller, “The Proof”, and just with word-of-mouth and local promotion there are almost 90 copies in circulation. Although the mainstream media
continues to ignore the film, the support from people who have seen it has been overwhelming.

* Jim Ruth of the The Lancaster Sunday News did a great write up for the Entertainment section. (4-25-04) Could there be other stories for the local or National news sections?

* The Lancaster Peace and Justice Coalition and the Lancaster Green Party co-sponsored a public showing at the Lancaster Library on April 28th. About 45 people attended and the film got a good response. Many of the viewers then converged on Square One Coffee for a lengthy question & answer, and discussion about the many facts and implications of the film.

* The Space Windows art exhibition sponsoreda public showing at the Dollhouse Gallery on May 14th and again received warm reviews.

* There are about 25 free copies being passed around for private screenings and several chapters of the Pennsylvania Green Party are setting up more public showings across the state. The Lancaster Chapter will also be promoting “The Proof” at the  Green National Convention in Milwaukee.

With the Bradley Infotainment web site now active,  and as the word about the film continues to spread, sales will hopefully continue to grow to the point when the mainstream media will begin to pay attention.Till then we want to thank everybody for their support and continued help in making this project a success! And if you haven’t seen the film yet, you can watch the mpeg trailer and find ordering information in the  film section.