Technical details of viva video app

When we look at the technical details of this app, it contains many features. First of all, this application is available in big size for IOS viva video users. It is available in 74. 4 MB. You can get this app totally free of cost. All you have to do is to install this app on your IOS device. Your device should be IOS 7.

0 or above to get it installed on your gadget. Moreover, its version 4. 6 .6 is currently available in the market.

Furthermore, if you are using an android smart phone, you can have this application free of charges. You don’t have to pay a single penny to get it installed. But, there are few conditions which needs to be fulfilled by the user in order to install it successfully. Android 4. 0 is required. Version 4. 6 .9 is running currently.

Offerings of movie HD app

Movie HD app allows you to watch latest movies and TV shows. The movie HD app is best of all. This is because of the reason that it is available for all devices.

There are few application movie hd app which are offered to android users. A few for IOS and windows. But, this is an amazing application which provides access to all of it. users. Anyone showbox can get it.

In addition to that you can get this application totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny for this. Moreover, if you want to watch the latest movies and TV shows, movie HD app is available for you.

It has many other benefits. You can make your play list also. Its developers are working hard to make this application a user friendly app for its users. You can also make your play lists.

Cartoon HD App – Some Great Features

Whenever cartoon hd app you want to download and install any app on your mobile phone or smart device you want it to offer you all the great features. If an app does not work well and offers limited features, you can quickly delete it and install a better app.

Those who love to watch or download their favorite cartoon series/shows refuse to use any other app than Cartoon HD app, since it comes with a lot of great features. Let us have a look at some of these great features:

  • First things first, it is totally free of cost
  • Secondly, it is easy to download and install and easy to operate
  • You will be able to watch streaming videos and movies even at normal internet speed
  • You will be able to watch movies, TV shows and Cartoon series in HD quality

With so much features and the ability to watch your favorite movies or cartoon shows anytime you want, you simply cannot afford to install this app on your smart device.

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Why vidmate app became a popular app

Vidmate app had been downloaded over 10,000 of iOS or of Android Users. The application is also used in the PC.

The app got quick popularity among the users because of its easy functionality and amazing features. People who love the app choose to install it on the phone and they start to use it at once. The features that are the most valued are the ability of letting you to download the latest HD videos, music and movies or live vidmate download TV shows.

You may do everything faster and without having to spend money on paying for anything in the app. The app is able to support all the major video sites such as Dialymotion, Vimeo and Youtube. The app can download everything and it can be kept in the device and to be viewed after sometime. The app supports unlimited movie download options and you cannot find them from any other place. You are able to download different formats and different quality of the movies.

All about the movie box app

Movie box is the best application that offers movies movie box to the people who love to spend their times while watching the movies. This application don't requires any jailbreak to download in your phone. You can easily do it from the play store. An amazing feature of the application is that, the application is updated time to time and when there is any new movie in the market, you can easily watch it in your free time.

If you don't know any upcoming movie, the application is the best way to get information about its releasing date. You just need an internet connection to get the application. It is applicable on the IOS, android and all others. So, no matter where you are and what gadgets do you have, you can easily download the application on your product and get entertainment while sitting at home.


Music Paradise Pro – Best App For Music Lovers

With Music Paradise Pro you can take your music listening experience to the next level. It is an app that is available on the Google Play Store and you can download it on your Android device music paradise totally free of cost. This app allows you to download multiple music files at the same time and store them on your Android device for later listening.

Whether you are looking for the mp3 files or mp4 file formats, this app allows you to listen or download music files in multiple formats.

One of the coolest features of this app is that it allows you to edit your favorite song the way you want. You can even cut your favorite songs in different pieces and then use those short song versions as your ringtone. Music Paradise Pro offers unlimited features and unlimited fun, download it today and take a deep dive into the world of music.

Xender App – For Quickest File Sharing And File Transfer

Xender is a highly versatile tool/app that you can use to transfer different types and sizes of files between your Smart devices. Xender uses the NFC protocols of the shared devices and this is the reason, the files are xender app transferred from one device to another at a lightning fast speed. The rate of file transfers using Xender is 4-40 times faster than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

You enjoy the freedom to transfer/share any type and any size of files between two smart devices. It does not matter whether you want to share your personal videos, your personal pictures or you want to transfer contact files, images, games or apps, Xender can help you transfer any size and format of file within the shortest possible time. What’s more interesting about Xender is that you can transfers files simultaneously to five different connected devices.



There are numerous photos of the aftermath
and nowhere is to be seen any evidence of the
wreckage of a plane. A 757 has a wingspan
of 125 ft, a tail height of 40 ft and a length of 155 ft.
The hole in the Pentagon wall was about 16 ft wide,
12 ft high and collapsed only the first ring of the
building – about 40 ft deep.

There is no sign of any Boeing debris anywhere.
No wings, no tail, no protruding fuselage. The tail
couldn’t fit through the hole even if the plane was
sliding along the ground. And because the grass
outside is smooth, green and undamaged, even
that is impossible. A giant aircraft has supposedly
passed through a hole many times smaller than
itself, without breaking off any parts, and then totally

The official account of AA77 hitting the Pentagon is
clearly bogus!!!


The official story that they collapsed from fire
and/or impact damage is a physical impossibility.
Video of the event shows that the towers did not
collapse – they exploded in mid air, and one can
see clear evidence of explosive charges running
down the buildings, and neatly chopped storey
length pieces of steel girder being ejected as far
as 70 meters from the building.

The early spin from the media was that the
ferocious heat of the burning jet fuel melted the
structural steel of the skyscraper. Unfortunately,
jet fuel typically burns at about 450 degrees C, and
steel melts at about 1550C.

The entire structure was suddenly and
simultaneously converted into a free falling
collection of disconnected rubble, something
only achievable through the coordinated use of
demolition explosives. There are also many witness
reports from fire-fighters who say that they heard
bombs going off in the buildings.

The media likes to gloss over the similarly neat,
vertical, and lightening quick collapse of WTC
building 7, a 47 storey building which was not hit
by anything but also disappeared in a manner
identical to that of a classic controlled demolition.
Apart from Sept 11, no steel framed skyscraper has
ever collapsed from fire – and there were allegedly
3 in one day.

It was impossible for the “terrorists” to set
explosives in those buildings and prevent the
investigation into their “demolition”. Who did
have that ability?

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